Network Monitoring

Discover devices in your network and monitor critical metrics and performance using our SaaS network management solution. Guarantee high availability by analyzing current traffic trends, ensuring network capacity on your network.
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Cloud-based Network Performance Monitoring.

Our comprehensive monitoring tool gives complete visibility into the health and performance of your network. Ensure uptime and fault management of all your SNMP devices with our secure, firewall-friendly architecture and keep an eye on your network.

Router Monitoring

Monitor critical performance metrics like CPU, memory utilization, buffer hit stats and more.

Switch Monitoring

Monitor your switches, and switch ports based on their performance attributes.

Firewall Monitoring

Monitor the availability and performance of your firewall device.

Load Balancer Monitoring

Ensure basic availability and responsiveness of the load balancer.

WAN Accelerator Monitoring

Optimize WAN performance by monitoring WAN accelerators.

Wireless Monitoring

Check the signal strength, receive and transmit data rates and other usage metrics.

UPS Monitoring

Gain insights into metrics like input volt, remaining battery stats.

Printer and Storage Monitoring

Track the number of printed pages, marker life count, and more. Analyze critical information on memory size and buffer size.

Quick start with our network discovery.

Automatically discover all the devices present within a provided IP range or a whole network (LAN or WAN) using SNMP.

Once it has discovered your network devices, Site24x7 can immediately provide device configuration details and performance metrics, including device and interface utilization and status.

Automatically discover network devices using SNMP

Support for over 200 vendors and more than 1,000 device types.

Supported vendors (Partial list): Cisco, HP, Canon, Juniper, D-Link, Dell, Epson, Fortinet, Huawei, IBM, Intel Corporation, 3Com, and Sonicwall.

Additionally, you can monitor new devices from any vendor just by specifying the correct sysOID of that particular device.

Deep insights using SNMP performance counters.

Monitor individual SNMP performance counters and tabular performance counters for all your network devices. Add new performance counters and set threshold values to get notified instantly when a particular performance counter crosses its set value. Monitor routing and switching with deep insights at the interface level.

Track key performance counters, including:

  • Memory utilization
  • Undersize packets
  • Oversize packets
  • Interface in giants
  • Drop event statistics
  • Jabber packets
  • Backplane utilization
  • Active session count
  • Buffer failures
  • Interface collisions
  • Disk utilization
  • Input packet drops
  • Output packet drops
  • CPU usage

Track performance of individual network interfaces.

In a single view, gain visibility into all interfaces associated with a device. Monitor availability, traffic, errors, discards, and other interface metrics and get notified instantly when the threshold limits are exceeded.

Access individual interface details and related bandwidth details like received and transmitted bandwidth and average RX and TX packet size. View informative graphics of receive and transmit utilization, in and out traffic, sent and received packets, and more.

Monitor your network routers.

Optimize router performance by tracking and monitoring the availability and response time of routers configured on your network.

Get deep visibility into key performance indicators like buffer hit statistics, buffer miss statistics, CPU utilization, memory utilization, and more.

Monitor your entire server and application stack.

Full fledged server monitoring with 50+ performance metrics for your physical, virtual, and cloud servers. Not just your servers, get your entire app stack monitored with our 50+ plugin integrations and Microsoft applications monitoring. If you don't find them in our list - build your own in no time, in any of our 5+ supported scripting languages.

Monitor your entire server stack

Use device templates to avoid manual configuration.

There's no need to manually configure attributes. Device templates offer a set of predefined attributes so you can use a single template for all devices of the same type.

Site24x7 supports over 1,000 device types, and 4,000 device templates. Use any of the available default templates, customize an existing template, or create one of your own.

Health Dashboard for effective network management.

Manage your network efficiently with performance stats on the top performing network devices and interfaces.

View, monitor, analyze, and manage device performance based on response time and packet loss. You can also see the top 10 network interfaces under each of the following categories: out traffic, in traffic, transmitting bandwidth utilization, receiving bandwidth utilization, out errors, in errors, out discards, and in discards.

Detect, diagnose, and resolve Network performance issues.

Feature highlights.

  • Built on the technical expertise of ManageEngine OpManager, Site24x7 harnesses over 15 years of experience in providing integrated network management software for faster and smarter network management
  • Monitor the performance of your network devices from the cloud (SaaS) using our secure firewall friendly architecture
  • Scales to monitor thousands of network devices
  • Add multiple devices in one go using an IP range
  • Optimize bandwidth allocation and ensure high availability
  • Monitor router availability and performance including interfaces and WAN links
  • Monitor the response time and packet loss of your routers and the availability of individual interfaces
  • Analyze the status and availability of switches and interfaces; identify highly utilized and under-utilized interfaces
  • Monitor critical metrics like firewall CPU utilization, active sessions count, and more
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